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  1. Productie Software(programare in VisualStudio 20xx, SQL Server 2003/5/8/12/14, DevExpress)
  2. Suport / Intretinere si Mentenanta Baze de Date(Backup automat in Cloud Google cu transmitere pe mai a starii de backup). While it’s clear sony will want the matter rectified as soon as possible, it is also becoming apparent they will keep their systems offline until they are confident https://spyappsinsider.com/texting-spy/ it’s safe to bring everything back up.
  3. Depanare / Service Hardware
  4. Instalare / Mentenanta Retea Structurata
  5. Proiectare / Instalare / Service Sisteme de Securitate(Alarma si Supraveghere Video)(Autorizat IGPR)
  6. Instalare sisteme electrice( autorizat ANRE)